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Dandelion Trust

Care, Creativity & Conservation

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The Dandelion Trust is a registered charity that supports the arts, helps people in traumatic situations and conserves green spaces and beautiful buildings.

The Trust seeks innovative projects that foster the best in human nature. Often unconventional in our approach, we strive to encourage imaginative solutions while maintaining a broad vision that encompasses:

• Opportunities for growth, resolution, care and creativity through the arts

• Preservation of historic buildings to provide creative spaces for healing and growth

• Conservation and support for the natural environment

Consider the Dandelion...
A humble plant
Without pretension,
Undervalued, tenacious.
Grows on the highways
And byways.
Carried by the wind,
So leaps all barriers
And frontiers.
Colour of sunlight,
Brings heart and
To sad places.
The roots are deep.
It is uncontainable,
Far reaching,


We maintain projects in the UK and overseas. We look for opportunities to work with others who share our vision, providing them with support under the umbrella of the Dandelion Trust.

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The Trust relies on donations and fund-raising and always welcomes the help and support of others.

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The Dandelion Trust
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Registered charity number 328159

The Dandelion Trust